Frequently asked questions 🧐

💪🏽 How long does it take to create a cake? We are happy to get our clients orders as soon as they decide for us to process immediately. This way we save both your and our time!

💯 We NEVER leave our clients without a cake! You can order even for the evening of that day but please order asap. If we can't prepare it, we will give you a call with possible selection of cakes right away. If we don't call you - you getting your cake at the time and date you selected!

⏰ How long does the cake last? We create the cakes with finest chocolate glaze. We suggest clients to smash it in few weeks as the gummies inside can get tough to chew. Other then that, cake can wait for a smash quite long time.

🍫 Can we eat the whole cake? YES! You can quickly grab and eat everything EXCEPT the hammer! 😅

📍 Are we delivering to all locations? What about weekends? Pick-up for free and home delivery is available only in Vilnius/Lithuania. Kaunas and Klaipeda residents can pick their cake at Majai shops. Latvian residents can pick their cake at Majai shop in Riga Akropolis. We send to all other cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia through bus station. Pick-up at shops or bus stations according to their work hours. When your cake arrives - you will be informed!

🌎 You are not in Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia? Absolutely no problem. We also ship WORLDWIDE! 👏🏼

☀️ Where and how to keep your cake? : Boom cakes can stay in the room temperature. Should be away from direct sunlight. We suggest to put it in the fridge 30 minutes prior to the smash!

🍭🍫🍬 Our cakes have standart filling with gummies and few of the most popular chocolates inside. You can select the extra options for every cake on our website. We can put postcard alongside with your text, presents, money, bottles or anything that your imagination can lead you to inside of the cake.

🚨 Can cakes be in any other forms? Well, we would love to create different form cakes but since our cakes our chocolate based we simply cannot do that. Even if we could - price would be ridiculous. We offer you to order from our cakes but we can decorate your cake according to your theme with different colors as well as eatable pictures!

📐 All the sizes of the cakes are written near every cake. You can go up to six tier Boom cake! 💶 Where do you put the money inside? Money will be placed in envelope.

📅 Can we order for exact date? Yes! You can choose date and time interval at the end of the order on our website!

🖼 How to order a cake with my picture? You can order it from “DIY (Do it yourself)” - “Exclusive design” section. Please choose “My picture” on the “Theme of the cake” section. Then upload it right below! 🎂Do we have cakes to buy instantly? Yes! If its absolutely last minute and we cannot make it - you can find cakes in Majai shops in Vilnius,Kaunas, Klaipeda and Riga which is located in Akropolis. In Vilnius you can also order cakes through Wolt app! All the cakes have “Boom” texts on them. 🔨is the hammer included in order? Boom cakes have one hammer included on the order. You can order more hammers on the website if you please. 🕯Can we have candles on the cake? Yes! We have a lot of clients who orders extra cake just to blow candles traditionally. Well, you don’t need to do that anymore!

😇 Do we have gluten-free cakes? Absolutely! Gluten-free cakes can be only white or chocolate colors with some decorations as you wish. Also all the gummies inside would be gluten-free!

🎁🙈 What can we hide in the cake? What could be the size of it? Every cake has its size at their page. You can check your present according to size of the cake. Most of the cakes have 5cm height. We also have a few options with 9cm height.

💭 Can you give us some ideas? 💍 We had clients who proposed with the cake! 🎁 Clients who hid their own presents. 💝 Clients who had their wedding anniversary with a little gift inside. ✝️ Clients who asked their friends to be the godparents for their kids. 👼🏻Also clients who inform beloved ones about the pregnancy.👯‍♀️ Hen and bachelor party celebrating clients. 💌 Cake can be used as product reveals and very original to use as invitations.

🏷🤑 Discount codes? If you have a code you can type it in before confirming the order in our web page.

🤏🏼 How can we give our present or details to put in the cake? You can either bring to our address or send us. We need to have it few days prior to your order.

🎁💝 You can buy presents inside your cake straight from our website. We have many partners and keeps on growing. Most popular presents are “Gera Dovana”-“Lieliska Dāvana” gift cards.

BOOM! 🎂🔨💥😍