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Rope jump

Rope jump

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Jump rope is a chance to experience the thrill of free fall! You won't need a long briefing or a plane - a professional instructor with many years of mountaineering experience will prepare you for the jump with certified equipment in a few minutes and explain the safety rules. The jump will take place from the Three Maidens Bridge, which is about 32 metres high - about the same height as an 11-storey house. So there's no shortage of adrenaline! Once you're on the railing of the bridge, all you have to do is concentrate, take a breath and... Resist!

GIFT FOR: 1 person.
Duration: approx. 15 min.
OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The service is offered during the high season (April-October), once a month, with a group, for persons aged 18 years and over, up to 105 kg. Not recommended for people with back problems.


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