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Flying in an electric paraglider

Flying in an electric paraglider

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Modern electric paragliding is environmentally friendly and quiet, allowing you to fully experience the feeling of freedom in the sky. You will enjoy: an electric paraglider take-off to 250-300 m or the desired altitude; a flight within a 5 km radius of the take-off point; stunning views and long-lasting impressions.

1 person.
DURATION: 10-15 minutes (depends on weather conditions)
OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The service is available for persons in good physical condition, 40-90 kg, 16-60 years old. To take advantage of the service, you must register at, where you will be able to choose the date and location of your flight in the flight calendar. Depending on weather conditions, the flight date is scheduled one week in advance. Flights are operated in the evenings, from 18:00.


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