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Trust in us:

Nord VPN, Akropolis, Vilnius Rytas, JumpSpace, Zalia Balta, Čiokis and others.

  • For employees

    Thanks to the creation of an individual calendar, we can save your time and take care of your employees' occasions by sending them a sweet and personal surprise that will make them feel even more special and valued in your company.

    Birthdays, anniversaries, project closures or other important occasions will surely remain in their memory for a long time! 🤗

  • For special occasions

    Christmas is the most anticipated holiday season, and Boom Cakes can be one of the best ways to remember you or your company for a long time. We have several cakes specially designed for this occasion, but we can also customize as you like.

  • For customers

    Want to surprise your customers? Send your customers a personalized Boom cake with your company's colors, logo and personal note on the cake.