What size cake to order?

All children are very different and it is very difficult to give purposeful advice, but we suggest :

🎂 Mini cake it is not offered to order for birthdays. Suitable if you are invited as a guest, you will give a gift inside the cake.Petty 🎂Small cake: 4-8 people.

🎂 Big cake: 8-12 people. From twelve people are offered multi-storey cakes.

🎂Multi-storey cakes will surely surprise a person, because they look spectacular!

🎂Our one of the most beautiful cakes XOXO is made of two pieces and decorated with KitKat chocolates around and on top of M&M's. Also, XOXO can be triple-on two small ones, at the top "Minimukas".🎂We offer up to 8 people in Ti Amo and Diamond. Elsa/Anna/Barbie/Moana and Bomb offer a group of people up to 12. 🥳We can prepare all these cakes as multi-storey.

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