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🎂 What size cake to choose?

All children are very different and it is very difficult to give targeted advice, but we offer:
🎂Minimuk, like the name, is a very small and symbolic cake. It is not recommended to book for birthdays. Suitable if you are invited as a guest, you will give a gift inside the cake.
🎂Smulkutis: for 4-8 people.
🎂Size: 8-12 people.
Multi-tiered cakes are offered for twelve people or more.
🎂Multi-level cakes will really surprise a person, because they look impressive!
🎂One of our most beautiful cakes "XOXO" is made of two small pieces and decorated with "KitKat" chocolates around and "M&M's" on top. Also, "XOXO" can be triple - on two small pieces, with "Minimuk" on top.
🎂We offer Ti Amo and Deimantina for up to 8 people. We offer Elsa/Anna/Barbie/Moana and Bomb for a group of up to 12 people.
🥳 We can prepare all these cakes as multi-tiered.

💪🏽 How long does it take for us to produce?

We are very pleased when customers appreciate our time and order the BOOM cake as soon as they decide! 💯 we NEVER leave our customers without a cake! You can also make an order for the evening of the same day or the morning of the next day, but do it as soon as possible. When we receive the order and see that we are not keeping up - we will inform you! If you don't get a call within 10min after ordering – you get a Boom cake!

⏰ Validity?

We offer customers to eat in a couple of weeks because the gummies will not be so fresh but in practice the shelf life of the cake is very long.

📍📦 Do we ship to all cities? Do we deliver or can I pick up on weekends?

We deliver every day! You can pick up in Vilnius for free every day from 8:00 to 17:00! In other cities, you can also pick up parcels from buses according to their opening hours. 

🍫 Is it possible to eat the shell/base of the cake?

Yes! The cake is made from chocolate icing, you can eat everything you get in the Boom box. Just not a hammer!

☀️ What are the storage conditions of the cake?

You can store the boom cake at room temperature. We suggest putting it in the refrigerator 30min before the impact!

🍭🍫🍬 What is inside the Boom cake most often?

We fill it with the most popular gummies and the most popular chocolates inside as standard! The opportunity to fill in with your chosen sweets or put a gift, money, a bottle or a wish with postcards!

📅 Is it possible to order for your desired date?

Yes! At the end of the order, you will be able to choose the date and time interval when you want to pick up or we would deliver! 

🕯 Can you pin candles into the cake?

Yes! A lot of customers write to us that they want to order an additionally regular birthday cake, because they want to traditionally blow out candles. Candles can be pinned to Boom cake! 

💶 Where does the money go inside?

We put the money in an envelope. At the request of customers, we can put the amount in different banknotes. Please write all wishes in the comments at the end of the order - if we have the opportunity, we will definitely fulfill it. 

🚨 What are the possible forms of Boom cake?

We would very much like to produce fancy various forms of Boom cake, but we cannot offer this due to the excessive cost of cooking, which would be inadequate for the customer. We offer to order standard forms that are on the site, and in order to make cakes with a theme or an interesting idea, we will fulfill wishes with decorations, colors, edible photos.

📐 What are the sizes of boom cake?

All sizes are written next to each cake shape on our website.

🖼 How to order a cake with a photo?

You can order through DIY. Select the "personal photo" and upload your desired photo. If the quality is not enough , we will call. 

🏷🤑 Where do I enter my discount code?

Discount codes? If you have a discount code - you will be able to enter before confirming the order at the end. 

🎂 Do we have ready-made cakes to buy right away?

Yes! Call. Tel. no.: +37062406585

🔨 Is there a hammer included in the price?

What makes up the price of Boom cake? Boom cake has a cake in your box, which you personally ordered and one hammer! If you need an additional hammer - you can order on the site! 

😇 Is there gluten free?

We can offer you boom cakes gluten-free! Cakes can currently only be white (+ decorations on request) and inside with gluten-free gummies! Niam! 😋 

🎁🙈 What can be hidden inside?

What can be the size of the gift? Each cake has its own size on the website-description! According to the height and diameter of the cake, you can check whether the gift you want will fit. The height of most of the cakes is 5cm, the highest height available is 9cm. 

💭 What ideas could we offer?

💍We had customers who hid the ring and made a bribe. 🎁Customers who hide their gifts inside the cake. 💝Customers who ordered cakes on the occasion of their wedding anniversary also with a gift inside. ✝️Clients who put an invitation to become godparents. 👼🏻To let your closest people know that they are expecting. 👯 ♀️Bachelorette party or baby shower! 💌Cake is a very original option to use for invitations! 

🤏🏼 How can we pass the things to put inside?

You can bring it to our address or send it to you in a way that is convenient for you. We need to get a couple of days before you pick up the cake.