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Cocomelon Boom

Cocomelon Boom

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🎂 Small - 18 cm. Height - 5 cm.

🎂 Big - 24 cm. Height - 5 cm.

🔨 The box contains a hammer.

🍭 🍬 We fill with popular gummies, chocolates and other treats as standard!

💍 💸 Option to fill with your favourite sweets of your choice or add a gift and a wish.

❗️ Warning! The figurines contain wooden pins and metal wires, please do not allow children to eat them without adult supervision.

Cake filling 🍭

🍭 🍬 As standard, we fill with the most popular gummies, chocolates and other delicacies!

💍 💸 Possibility to fill with your favorite sweets or add a gift and wish.


Sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, sweet buttermilk powder, emulsifiers E492, E322 (sunflower): natural flavoring, rapeseed oil, salt.


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