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Night Shooting - 5 gun challenge

Night Shooting - 5 gun challenge

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Night shooting is an extreme activity that involves shooting some of the most popular guns using night vision goggles and thermal imaging. Feel like a real shooter with the special ammunition used in smoothbore guns, which allows you to see the flight of the shot even with the naked eye!

Waiting for you:
- 10 shots from a Glock pistol, calibre 9-19;
- 5 shots from a Makarov pistol, calibre 9-18;
- 10 shots from a smooth-bore rifle "SDM M870", calibre 12/70;
- 15 shots from an AR-15 Nato submachine gun, calibre 5,56;
- 15 shots from an AKS-74 Nato submachine gun, calibre 5,56.
1 person.
OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The service is available for persons aged 16 and over. The service is available when it gets dark early (from October to March).


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